55,000 Baht President Robert B. Banks International Masters Scholarships

Due to high demands of skills and knowledge in today’s growing industry, many people are now struggling to find the perfect career that would suit in their skills and abilities. Some employers are looking for the best among the best applicants with a wide array of experience, strong foundation of knowledge and high flexibility that […]

£2000 International Undergraduate President’s Scholarships

Studying in the largest University in United Kingdom is really a tough opportunity for some of students who want to build a strong foundation for their education. Generally, many students who graduated from some Universities in UK are have a higher chance to be considered on top priority to employers as the level of education […]

$1000 MyBioSource Scholarship for All Majors

College education has not been very accessible to most people nowadays. As tuition fees continue to rise and academic demands continue to increase, more and more students are not being able to pursue the education that they want. Fortunately, with the help of online universities and organizations offering scholarships, more opportunities are opening for students. […]

$1000 My Tools Gallery Advance Scholarship

College education has become inaccessible to many people due to academic demands as well as the numerous financial obligations for it. However, due to online education, students can now work at home for their distance learning degrees. Apart from online courses, scholarships are also available out there to help you fund your college studies. My […]

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