$2018 Nitro College Scholarship

If you agree that college education is really expensive nowadays then you might be one of the students who are struggling to pay for their college education. You are not alone in feeling that way because a lot of students from all around the world today are also not being given the education they deserve due to financial limitations.

Fortunately, with the help of online college courses and student grants, a lot of opportunities are beginning to open up to the people.

NitroCollege.com is a website created to help students evaluate their financial expenses in order to assist them in planning how to pay for their education. With a team of analysts and a database of financial offers, Nitro College is a helpful organization that provides the latest information for the clients to interpret accordingly. The website profiles and offers various student loans and financial services to their clients with the ultimate goal of helping people responsibly and properly pay for their college education.

With that said, NitroCollege.com recognizes the fact that paying for college is a major concern for a lot of students. Instead of focusing on their studies, a lot of students are worrying more on how to pay for their education. As a response to this, NitroCollege.com and its founders are doing all that they can to provide the best service to their clients. However, aside from serving their purpose of offering financial loans to students, NitroCollege.com also offers student grants to send deserving students to college.

The Nitro College Scholarship is a monthly scholarship program renewed every year to provide financial assistance to lucky winners. This scholarship is a type of sweepstakes scholarship wherein the recipient would be based on random drawing rather than academic performance. The scholarship amounts to $2018 and can be used to pay for tuition fee and other educational expenses such as online college courses. The scholarship is only open to legal residents or citizens of the United States aged 18 or older when the entry was submitted. The student must also be enrolled in an accredited university in the country. For the rest of the rules and eligibility requirements, you may head to https://www.nitrocollege.com/hubfs/Resources/NEW%20_%20FINAL%20Epic%20Research%202018%20Nitro%20Student%20Scholarship%20Sweepstakes%20Official%20Rules%20.pdf.

The current deadline for the month of March stands at March 31, 2018. In order to apply for the scholarship you must first complete the scholarship survey questions and fill out the application form which can be seen at https://www.nitrocollege.com/nitro-scholarship-application. In this application form you will simply be asked to provide basic information about yourself and some contact details. After that, you will be required to participate in the scholarship provider’s social media activity. Finally, once the application form is submitted you may now hit the send button.

28 thoughts on “$2018 Nitro College Scholarship

  1. My name is khalidusman I\’m from Pakistan I\’m good man I\’m waiting for your reply accept my email

  2. please i am really looking for sponsor to further my educaton in international relation offer in a college in my country. i live small tiny country in the western part of africa call The Gambia

  3. Hey am Cynthia from Kenya
    I would love to have my studies in the university but due to financial constraints I can\’t but with you offering me a bursary I might have a bright future
    Thanks in advance

  4. My is onyinyechi Emeka, am a Nigerian student pls need help to round up my educational system. tanx

  5. Hi! This is Catherine. I\’m live in Myanmar, one of the South East Asian Country. According to the scholarship program which is only provided for the United States 50? May I know that the Asian student have chances for this scholarship program.

  6. Hi! This is Catherine. I\\’m live in Myanmar, one of the South East Asian Country. According to the scholarship program which is only provided for the United States 50? May I know that the Asian student have chances for this scholarship program

  7. Hello Dear Sir.
    I,m from south Sudan / juba .so any have chance for my master degree if possible please .

  8. I am from Tanzania I kindly request the scholarship and sponsorship for diploma in Nursing and Midwifery level,Let my God bless you

    I\’m sincerely requesting for this scholarship and sponsorship so as to attain my future/dreams. I firmly believe that you will take my request into consideration. Thanks

  10. sir I am very poor my father is very poor my father is a farmer pls sapport me i am indian and I am sad because i want become engineer but I have not money pls give me this scolarship because I request you sir pls

  11. sir now i am studying 1st pu in Karnataka.i am a Indian i have my own aim that i would want 2 become a heart specialist for that i need now some NEET books i dont have money and my father is farmer please give me some more money for my studies by obtaining scholorship ,sir this is my humble request. my 10 result is 84 percentage.

  12. My name is Ineza Kenny and I am a student in Rwanda.The rest is complicated.I would like a private conversation.Please regard me.

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