$1000 MyBioSource Scholarship for All Majors

College education has not been very accessible to most people nowadays. As tuition fees continue to rise and academic demands continue to increase, more and more students are not being able to pursue the education that they want.

Fortunately, with the help of online universities and organizations offering scholarships, more opportunities are opening for students. Online courses can decrease expenses of studying while scholarships can provide students with monetary grants for school.

MyBioSource is a biochemical supplier that was established back in 2006 with the goal of providing high quality reagents to the world. The company aims to be the world’s best one-stop source of biological reagents with its very own wide selection of products at the best prices. Aside from being one of the world’s leading chemical reagent suppliers for researchers, MyBioSource also firmly believes in the effects of good education.

With that said, every year MyBioSource allots $10,000 to provide scholarship opportunities to 10 students. The MyBioSource Scholarship programs aims to assist 5 S.T.E.M. Majors and 5 other students in paying for their education by providing them with a $1000 grant. The scholarship is open to undergraduate or graduate students enrolled in accredited colleges or universities for the fall semester 2018. The scholarships were created in an effort to open doors for students and to provide them opportunities to make the world a better place. With this scholarship, the company strengthens and contributes to the development of the world, not just in the sciences but also in other fields.

MyBioSource is not just a supporter of students pursuing a degree in the sciences but also other fields because no matter what course you are, whether you are studying in on-campus or online universities, as long as you are studying and valuing your education you are what the world needs. To be eligible for the scholarship, the candidate must be a freshman enrolled at an accredited college, or taking up online courses. Graduate and undergraduate students will be allowed to participate. Furthermore, High School Seniors and international students are also eligible.

To apply for the scholarship, you would simply need to download, accomplish and submit the All Majors Scholarship Application form which can be accessed at https://www.mybiosource.com/images/mbs/scholarship/scholarship_application_all_majors.pdf. Together with the application form, you must also submit a 250-word response to the question of why you have chosen you current college course and why do you think you deserve the scholarship. Although a transcript is not required during the application process, once you have been selected as the recipient of the scholarship you will be asked to submit the latest version of it. Applications are set to end at June 30, 2018 and for more details, you may visit the official scholarship website at https://www.mybiosource.com/page.php?name=scholarship_all_majors.

26 thoughts on “$1000 MyBioSource Scholarship for All Majors

  1. Very interesting scholarship. Soon I will apply for this scholarship even if there are somethings that I have not well understood such as a Country of the studies, school and tuition fees, …

  2. I wanna apply for the scholarship for my kids mohib ullah and misbah ullah. I find it very difficult to continue their studies at beacon house schooling system. For the past two years we are unable to save a penny for the family. We spend all money to health and education. Please help us. GOD bless you all.

  3. I am Tariku graduate from Dire Dawa University in BA Degree Political Science and International Relations Thus I need Masters Degree on the stream of the political Science to get opportunity .then, kindly positive reply Thanks!!!

  4. I am Tariku graduate from Dire Dawa University in BA Degree Political Science and International Relations Thus I need Masters Degree on the stream of the political Science to get opportunity .then, kindly positive reply ,Thanks!!!

  5. I pray for this scholarship to be in China for more technology and also wanna be a great computer science student

  6. I\’m interested in this scholarship because I have not supporter. I want to study Master of Philosophy in Kelaniya University.

  7. I started studying in psychology in Indonesia. then moved to morocco where I had difficulty subscribing due to an unfair person/responsible. I\’m a mother of 2 and really to further my studies to have at least a bachlor degree

  8. I am currently a student at TUT (mbombela) doing legal assistance (academic) I have a wish to study abroad ,I Believe it can change my live

  9. I am Pannasami, from the Myanmar. I am Kelaniya university student. I really need this scholarship to support my studies. I know that my parent cann\’t afford my finance in University. I hope you would consider my please. Thank so much.

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