$2,500 SanDisk Scholarship Awards

Nowadays, people are struggling to work a day job just to pay their daily or monthly expenses. Some even worked 24/7 but still end up not having enough savings for their future needs and wants. It is a fact that today’s generation is mostly occupied by millennials who have bigger desires and higher demands. Because of this, some became not contented with the jobs and quit easily, works freelance where they can modify their work schedules or engage in entrepreneurship.

It is a fact that in our modern world, it doesn’t need for one to be a millionaire in order to become a successful entrepreneur. What the industry needs now is the perfect combination of skill and talent to provide fresh and unique ideas especially that we are now in the era dominated by high end technology. However, not all are capable in unleashing their entrepreneurial cognizance. It needs further studies and skill enhancement which might not be easy for some who are in the low and middle class level of the society. Some who can’t afford to invest in their study whether by taking offline of online college classes.

Fortunately, are a lot of institutions, Universities and Foundations are now offering both offline and online schooling for those who want to earn a degree program One brand who is famous worldwide for their flash products such as USB and memory cards is offering scholarship worth $2,500. This renowned brand is no other than the SanDisk company and the scholarship is being managed by the SanDisk Foundation.

The SanDisk Foundation grants three $2,500 awards to dependents of SanDisk employees and a full tuition scholarship up to four years to two lucky chosen students.

This program is open to all high school seniors, college freshmen, sophomore or juniors with a high interest in leading the technological world and entrepreneurship.

However, the SanDisk Foundation didn’t disclose yet the full details of the scholarship award, the deadline of the application and if this can be taken through online college classes or if there are accredited online schools, it is still advisable to be prepare and focus on entrepreneurial activities.

For interested applicants, you may visit and bookmark below link to get real time update of the scholarship and will be the first on the list to comply the full requirements. https://www.wdc.com/about-wd/philanthropy/scholarship.html

20 thoughts on “$2,500 SanDisk Scholarship Awards

  1. my childrens are learning in burgei secondaray school found in nakuru county specific rongai..and i need a scholarship for this year and next year only

  2. I am doing my first year degree at Lupane State University, Zimbabwe. I really have a challenge to budget for my fees. I am asking for any form of scholarship.

  3. I am a master student in a university in Nigeria.I am finding it hard to cope with d tuition fees and feeding.Theses happens because my parents are not capable. I carried all the responsibilities myself.

  4. I\’m a Nigerian, my children need the support of the academic scholar to settle the tuition fees of two terms. I will be happy of my request is considered.

  5. I am a Kenyan. Have got difficulties in my fees.I really need a high school scholarship in order to achieve my goals.Thank you.

  6. Am a Ugandan .I need a scholarship to continue with my degree in Information Technology. I have completed 1st year and have 2 years to go.Am stuck. Thank you.

  7. Im a South Sudanese currently in high school in Kenya,I\’ll be done with high school this November but has no where to turn to for help ,the situation in my country doesn\’t seem to improve at all. I\’ve been staying at home for two months now do to lack of school fees. I\’ll really appreciate if you help me.
    Lots of thanks,
    Aguet jima

  8. I am admitted by Zjnu in China.. Mechanical engineering course I didn\’t get a scholarship, am struggling to make ends meet to settle my tuition fees.i will really appreciate if you help me.

  9. sir my fon no. i am from india in up mathura my fathers name ms. teekam Dixit i am very poor sir please help me i request you

  10. Hello, I am really in need of this scholarship for my degree and masters. Every youth deserves a chance to learn and make good use of it.
    Thank you

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