£2000 International Undergraduate President’s Scholarships

Studying in the largest University in United Kingdom is really a tough opportunity for some of students who want to build a strong foundation for their education. Generally, many students who graduated from some Universities in UK are have a higher chance to be considered on top priority to employers as the level of education that the former had and the type of trainings they gained are widely recognized.

Fortunately, there are students grants now being offered from UK for those students who aspires to earn a degree program abroad. One of these is the University of London International Undergraduate President’s Scholarships. This is not just a typical student grants since the scholars will be invited to study in London. Yes, in London where there’s a high recognition in the educational system.

This student grants worth up to £2000 for tuition fees is offered to all international students all around the world but is not available for UK/EU citizens. Any degree program offered by the University of London can be taken by the eligible applicant and the good thing is that this scholarship will last for the first three years and can be renewed based on the fortunate beneficiary’s satisfactory academic performance.

Now, in order to be qualified, the applicants must commence their first year of undergraduate study and willing to start by 2018/2019. They should be on the top 10% of their class and must have secured a place in the city while the application is on-going. There should also be a proof of proficiency in the English language which can be shown by the IELTS score of at least 6.5 or its equivalent. The applicant will be directly contacted by the scholarship providers and will be given instructions on how to apply. Moreover, the University of London International Undergraduate President’s Scholarships will be taken in the United Kingdom.

There is no fix number of student grants mentioned for the scholarship however, it is advised to start processing now all the needed requirements as the application deadline will only be until September 30, 2018. Applications done after the deadline will be considered null and void.

Please take note that it is important for the candidate to have secured a place at the institution since this is a big factor to be considered for the scholarship award.

For those who wish to know more about the scholarship, you may visit below link https://www.city.ac.uk/ .

58 thoughts on “£2000 International Undergraduate President’s Scholarships

  1. Hopefully you\’re well. I am Temesgen Tefera from Ethiopia. I am seeking for fully funded scholarship in your respected University to study my Undergraduate Degree. Thank you.

  2. being to university is dream, and I\’ll feel good if such request is granted to me. So that, upon graduation I will try to foster inclusiveness and promote the sustainable development goals.

  3. I strongly believe that I have to get this offer in order to continue my study.I will be thankful if you help

  4. Je répond au nom de Wenceslas Mawulolo VLAVONOU de la nationalité Béninoise. Je suis titulaire d\’un baccalauréat de série D. Après le baccalauréat j\’aimerais bien poursuivre mes études universitaire mais étant d\’une famille pauvre, les parents n\’ont pas les moyens pour me payé les frais de scolarité je désire obtenir cette bourse dans l\’espoir de continuer mes études à l\’étranger par la compétence, l\’assiduité et la qualité du diplôme requis.
    Si l\’opportunité m\’est offert j\’irai étudié respectant les conditions de la bourse, une fois finis je rentrerai au pays pour servir ma patrie.
    Je suis joignable au: 94 00 22 47 / 96 58 93 32

  5. Hello
    I am Zambian based and I need a scholarship to further my education.
    I really need you help with it and I would be more than grateful.
    Thank you

  6. Dear sir
    I am a very unlucky ex student officer of the military academy of tunisia,things didn\’t go well there so now i\’m looking for a generous scholarship to continue my studies,and to prove to my family that i\’m not lost in life

  7. Studies for me is precious, that\’s why I want to continue of what I started. Having a scholarship is a great opportunity that I could have and to be an international student,. I will show my full potential that someday community will benefit…

  8. I will show my full potential and honesty to my academic support. Which will hence benefit the entire society

  9. I am Dickson Ncube from Zimbabwe. If you could help me to find a fully funded scholarship, it will be the beginning of my dream and Zimbabwe as a Whole.

  10. My name is Mary from Tanzania. I need fully scholarship inorder to study London Bachelor of science in Acturial science. Help me because am poor girl. And how to complete application of scholarship assist me.Thank you and god blessed.

  11. I want to complete my higher education.I\’m asking for a free scholarship in term of Languages studies and Translation.

  12. am a Zambian citizen aged 20 and would like to study general medicine or clinical officer please help me

  13. I need scholarship so as change my life and world at large,i \’m waiting for your good response.

  14. I am 19 Nigerian citizens economics undergraduate student and I love to further my education getting a scholarship is a dream come true if that happen,and I am very very good in football.

  15. I am Lewis D Rogers
    I really need this scholarship to help further my Undergraduate education please grant me this opportunity

  16. Good Leadership invests in human capital.That kind of empowerment being done by the University is of great importance.Am one of those candidates who needs help and empowerment.I really need the scholarship and am very committed towards studies.I feel shareholders need return on investment which am prepared to demonstrate.

  17. Please I need a scholarship funding for this program that I did not have the necessary for being nice to carry on with my education thank you hope to hear from you soon

  18. I am Mogga Emmanuel Silvano from S.sudan. I am in need of this scholarship and due to our current affairs of s.sudan, i\’ve no one 2 support me… I\’ve finished Diploma of Education in English language and literature. My ambition 2 upgrade in degree 4 law was cut short when da civil war broke up. To study in uk is my pride

  19. hello
    i just gratuated from the year 11class and i really need a scholarship.
    i want to continue with engeneering and psychology.

  20. I am the first born in the family of four children and my parents are among the many poor people in Zimbabwe. My father works as an assistant teacher and earns $200 Zimbabwean currency which has no value in any country even in Africa. And is unable to support me to do further studies.
    My mother is just a house wife. My grandmother who was working in S.A on a work permit managed to pay for me up to A level and thus (equivalent to Cambridge A level results ). She is now old and pensioned and can not afford to pay for me anymore.
    I am now an undergraduate student at Great Zimbabwe University which is resides in Masvingo Province, Zimbabwe. I have completed my first year in Bachelors of Education. I wish to be a high school teacher but funds have dried up now.
    Please can you help me with funds to continue with my education. I am still left with three more years to go in order to complete my degree. The fees structure for a whole year has a total amount of $1000 (equivalent to US dollar). Residential fee is $500 (equivalent to US dollar). This gives an overall total amount of $1500 to be payed per year.
    Please help me to finish this degree so that l may help my family including my siblings with their education. All your help and support is concerned and appreciated. If you can direct me to other members to help me , it is well. My contact details are: Email -sibandaq89@gmail.com.—cell number 0778756515
    Qhubekani Sibanda

  21. Good day sir! Being in university is my biggest dream. Please help me for my study.. I really need your fully funded scholarship. Im hoping you\’ll grant me this opportunity once in my whole life. I will wait to your response. Thank you so much!

  22. Am Dennista from Kenya.. Managed to enroll to university but differed due to money and school fee problems. Please help me finish my studies. Education Arts

  23. Pls I really need this scholarship to study law(first degree)pls consider me.it has always been my dreams to study law abroad but I don\’t have enough money for it but ur school brought the opportunity to my door step and I am opportuned to find it so pls consider me and make my dream a reality

  24. Am a Tanzanian, really seeking for a full funded scholarship at your university in order to persue my degree in engineering.thanks for your consideration

  25. i am financially need assistance to pursue my masters in public relation.if any one would help with a scholarship, i will be glad. Thank you

  26. I\’m interested in the scholarship but I don\’t know how to apply. I didn\’t see any application form to fill.

  27. i need this money alot because am luck of financial assistant due to my parents are gardeners, so sorely need this money to help fulfill my dreams through education in the tertiary level.

  28. Am Yakani Godfrey living in Refugee camp in Uganda I/m from S Sudan

    I have interested to study in dilpma in forestry may you support me

  29. Hello am Joseph Renatus nyanda from Tanzania please help me am from poor family my parents can\’t afford fees for me to go university please help me

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