Tuition Free Bachelors’ Degree Program Online

The University of People is currently receiving application for it’s online bachelor’s degree program. The institution also offers online MBA programs to graduate students. Students intending to enroll for bachelors’ degree in Business Administration, Computer Science, or Health Science can forward their application while it is still open. This is the first accredited online university […]

Working and Studying in Australia; Work Through the Red Tape

Is it possible for a foreign student to work and learn on an Australian Student Visa? Yes. Students who are residing in Australia do not need special permission before they can work in Australia with their student visa. This is not dependent on one’s type of degree program. But working in Australia as a foreign […]

$2000 University of Sheffield Social Sciences International Scholarship 2018

Getting a degree nowadays is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of students today are challenged by various things standing in their way towards a college degree. Fortunately however, a lot of opportunities are now being opened up due to online universities and scholarships. Through a distance learning program, students can now work […]

$10,000 Monash International Merit Scholarship

Monash University, one of the world’s top 100 universities located in Australia, call on students from all countries of the world who have been offered admission into Monash University to take advantage of the ongoing students’ grant known as Monash International Merit Scholarship for their academic sponsorship. A mouth-watering sum of $10,000 annually is up […]

$2000 Oregon State University Microbiology Scholarships

Have you ever dreamed of studying in a college? For some people, college education is all but a dream but fortunately, with the help of online colleges, students could now easily access tertiary education without spending too much. Aside from online colleges, through scholarships, students can now study even in the best universities in the […]


Introduction: Sol Education is aim at giving back to every community that Sol Education Abroad students come from and also make oversea study available to students that want to improve on their skills in Spanish language, with the desire to get acquainted with and explore other cultures. It is an annual scholarship with the goal […]

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